Canon Rebel T3i For Macro Photography – 4 Helpful Hints

Are you ready to dive into macro photography with your new Canon Rebel T3i? Macro, or close-up, photography is at the top of many “I want to learn how to do this” lists, but, for some reason, it gets pushed to the back burner. Well, there is no time like the present to get started. And, the good news is that with your T3i, it is easier than ever before.

If you have a dedicated lens for these pictures, great. However, if you don’t own one of those expensive lenses specifically made for close-up work, have no fear, extension tubes are here! Almost any lens can qualify for this chore if you have a cheap set of extension tubes. Basically, they extend the distance from the lens to the sensor so you can move your camera closer to the objects you are photographing.

One of the best things about taking extremely close pictures of objects is the detail that is revealed. There are facets of nearly every subject that are not normally noticed by people at a casual glance. But take a close up shot and you will experience many OMG moments.

On a personal note, yours truly actually became hooked on photography when I took my first macro shot with an old point and shoot camera. As nearly everyone else who makes this discovery, I took pictures of every bug and flower that I could. I didn’t realize that there are so many other interesting subjects to shoot in the tiny world of close up photography. There are buttons, zippers, door knobs, human eyes, animal eyes, and the list is infinite. The only limitation is your imagination.

Now that you are convinced to get started, here are a few hints:

*Start shooting. This seems quite obvious, but most of us tend to get bogged down with the learning process. Yes, there are many classes and tutorials available online and off line, but just go out and take some pictures. You will learn as you go, and it will be so rewarding. Photography is a skill that is best learned “on the job.”

*Allow yourself to make mistakes. This goes along with the first hint. If you are afraid to make mistakes, you will never experience the thrill of what you discover through those mistakes. Some of your best shots will come as a result of something you did “wrong”

*Use a tripod. As you get closer to an object, the chances for blur increase exponentially. Personally, I use a tripod and a remote shutter button, but when I don’t have the remote, I use the 2-second timer on the T3i.

*Use Live View and focus manually. The Canon Rebel T3i has a fantastic feature that makes macro photography so much easier than most other cameras. It is the digital zoom feature when in Live View. The way it works for this kind of photo is to set your lens on manual focus, then use the digital zoom at 5x or 10x so that you can fine tune your focus. This one feature is what sold me on the Canon Rebel T3i.

Glamour Photography – What Is Glamour Photography and How to Find the Best Service?

Glamour photography is a specialized field of photography. A glamour photographer specializes in photographing female subjects so that they come across as being sexually alluring. This is why some of the best glamour photography is often of female subjects who are semi-nude, which almost stops short of sexually arousing the viewer. So in essence it stops short of crossing the border into pornographic content. While there are many who specialize in glamour photography in Perth, few have the portfolio which highlights their years of experience in this field.

Glamour photography is the art of capturing a subject in a still position and highlighting the best features of her physique. In most cases the subject is a professional model and the photographs are to be used commercially i.e. calendars, magazines, pinups etc. However, there are instances where amateur subjects are used and the photos are intended for private or personal use.

In order to capture the best photographs a combination of lighting, cosmetics, and computer aided photo editing is required. This means that the glamour photographer needs to work with a team of professionals. These professionals will ideally have years of industry experience and the knack to turn every photo captured into a masterpiece.

View a photographer’s portfolio

If you want to find the best glamour photography you should start with the photographer’s portfolio. If you are hiring a photographer for a commercial photo shoot pay special attention to other commercial photo shoots done in the past. If there is a specific product or service you intend to sell via these photos then short list your prospects by eliminating ones that have not done photo shoots for similar products and services.

Industry Experience

Does the glamour photography service you are considering actually have years of industry experience? Does the service come highly recommended from others in your industry? These are all factors you need to take into account. Ideally, you should choose someone who is a well known name in the industry. The company should also be willing to work within your specified guidelines i.e. model types, lighting, etc. It is only once these are confirmed that you should move on to get a quote from the company.

Quotes and pricing

When you hire a glamour photography expert often times you’re hiring a team. A team which at the very least will consist of a makeup artist, a photographer and a visual design expert / Photoshop expert. The quotes you get will obviously be for the service you require as a whole, so keeping this in mind try to get a few competition quotes then compare the prices you are being quoted to the service’s experience and portfolio. This will help you find a rightly priced professional service.